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Our Story

We have spent the last 30 years…

working tirelessly to secure pop culture’s most iconic licenses, build an offering of fashion’s most influential brands and grow our in-house labels to become the partner of choice for our customers, licensors and suppliers. With forward thinking, high-level quality garments, strategic brand acquisitions and noteworthy retail marketing initiatives, we bring our apparel to life.

Our Licenses

Our Products

Apparel that tells a story


We all have a favourite piece of clothing, and it’s that personal connection which makes it special. Our goal is to create apparel that not only tells the story of our customer’s favourite pop culture character, fashion trend or brand but also tells the story of the unique individual wearing the clothing, making them Noticeably Totally Different.

Our Services

We bring more to the table

We work with retailers to develop a thorough plan for success. Our market expertise is fully integrated, from our garment production to your point of sales. Some of the comprehensive marketing strategies we offer include:

Our Commitment

We are committed to upholding a safe, fair and socially responsible working environment. We expect all our suppliers, both domestically and abroad, to share in our values and to conduct their operations responsibly with respect, transparency and cooperation. NTD’s Supplier Code of Conduct is in place to ensure that our suppliers respect these fundamental ethical requirements. While working hand in hand with our suppliers, we ensure that they comply to a high standard of ethical operations and are committed to continuously improving working conditions for their employees.


We also work with a wide range of charitable organizations offering everything from donations to active involvement in community efforts. Here are some of the organizations we are have recently worked with:

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